BBN Online Business Networking

To coincide with the 'return to the room' for our 4 individual breakfast groups, we are pleased to offer our 'all group zooms' as yet another option and member benefit.

These are one hour meetings at different times and on different days to our in person meetings, and are an opportunity to speak to and network with businesses from all over Kent, from any of the four main groups.

At these meetings you will learn from various member presentations around a multitude of different subjects, and enjoy at least two different breakout rooms.

Relationships will be forged and developed, support and collaboration discussed, business done.
Although built around a relaxed and conversational vibe, at the same time you'll find them well paced and time efficient.

All in all, with these 2 zoom groups and the 4 different fortnightly in person groups, we like to think there is something for everyone.

The dates and times are below

For more information, the low down on how to get involved, and how to get yourself booked in, talk to me, Brian Wakefield - 07973 139959 -    


Meeting Dates 2022

Monday 7th March – 5-6pm

Wednesday 16th March – 1-2pm

Monday 4th April – 5-6pm

Wednesday 27th April – 1-2pm

Monday 9th May - 5-6pm

Wednesday 25th May – 1-2pm

Monday 6th June – 5-6pm

Wednesday 22nd June – 1-2pm

Monday 4th July – 5-6pm

Wednesday 20th July – 1-2pm

Monday 1st August – 5-6pm

Wednesday 17th August – 1-2pm

Monday 5th September – 5-6pm

Wednesday 21st September – 1-2pm

Monday 3rd October – 5-6pm

Wednesday 19th October – 1-2pm

Monday 7th November – 5-6pm

Wednesday 16th November – 1-2pm

Monday 5th December – 5-6pm

Wednesday 21st December – 1-2pm


Brian Wakefield